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Elitech Consulting started the flexible training system in order to allow the trainee to have open access to our site, up to 12 hours a day, 6 days a week.

Our doors are open between the hours of 9:00 A.M. and 9:00 P.M, so the trainee will have an open time line to conduct his/her training with no worries about not being able to make it on time, regardless of the cause!

They are guaranteed to have one–to-one training from an experienced certified bilingual educator.

Trainees can study at their own pace, using our instructor led one to one Flexible Training System. With our system, trainees can repeat their sessions if they want, For example, our trainees can decide if they would like to spend a couple of hours reviewing a lesson rather than moving to a new one.

Our Online Training Advantages

The students taking online courses can attend a course at anytime from anywhere and update themselves with course material at any point down the track. As employees struggle to balance the demands of work and home, The Online program allows them to learn from anywhere if they have internet connection. Our Online Training is less stressful, there is no time pressures, and you can work during your peak hours and attempt the courses at your leisure timings.

Our Online training is making it more accessible and affordable to many people ,with high quality by Real Time Experts. Our interactive components of Online Training course give you immediate response and make you develop a more open attitude towards new ideas and viewpoints. Our Online training sessions are designed to allow fast roll out of new concepts and latest technological changes in the existing technologies. Since course content includes the most current topics,online training ensures that training is applicable to a person career path. By providing a very interactive environment with dynamic content, our online training not only effectively keeps people up-to- date, but also interested.